• John Crane Sealing System

  • Dezurik Control Valve

  • Copes Vulcan Control Valve

  • Copes Vulcan Raven

  • VEGA Sensors

  • Beaudrey Water Screening

Quick Overview

M&J, now part of SPX Flow Technology was founded in 1962 by Marvin Grove and has been a leader in the pipeline valve industry since its inception, has been providing valve products to the hydrocarbon pipeline, storage and distribution markets for over four decades.

With a product offering of slab and expanding through-conduit gate valves, axial surge valves and rotary control valves, piston, ball, and swing check valves.
M&J Valve can provide a wide variety of flow control solutions for liquid, geothermal and gas markets.

This combination of products, technical know-how and field experience has allowed for a history of product innovation which has positioned M&J Valve in a leadership position within the valve industry.

M&J Valve's Product Line includes:
- Gate Valves
- Ball Valves
- Check Valves
- 4-way Diverter Valves
- Control Valves
- High Temperature Valves

For more information about these products, please visit: http://www.spxflow.com/en/mj-valve/products-services/

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